Which Way To Face Subwoofer In Trunk: 4 Best Positions

Are you wondering about the right direction to face your subwoofer in your car trunk? You’re certainly not the only one! The placement of a subwoofer can have a massive impact on the sound quality within your vehicle.

So, in this article, we provide four options for subwoofer positioning to help you enhance your music experience.

What is a Subwoofer and How it Works

A subwoofer is a specialized loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies (bass). It’s composed of one or more woofers mounted in a loudspeaker enclosure. It works on the principle of sound wave frequencies, and a good subwoofer can produce sounds as low as 20 Hz.

Moreover, you’ve probably heard that where you place your subwoofer can make or break your sound system. Well, it’s true! Its positioning plays a crucial role in how sound waves bounce within the car and reach your ears. Additionally, positioning can affect the bass response, clarity, and sound quality.

Aside from sound quality, subwoofer positioning is related to your safety. Because if it is improperly installed can become a projectile during an accident.

Subwoofer in car trunk

Which Way to Face Subwoofer in Trunk?

Here we provide detailed information about 4 options to help you choose:

Facing the rear

Currently, most people choose to set up the subwoofer facing toward the rear of the trunk. This placement has a few distinct advantages that make it a hit among music enthusiasts.

To start with, a rear-facing subwoofer can significantly amplify the bass. How does it do this? Well, when it’s directed toward the back, the subwoofer has more space for the sound waves to spread out.

In detail, these waves bounce off the trunk’s rear and echo all around the vehicle, producing a deeper, more resonating bass sound.

But that’s not all. Another interesting aspect of this position is the journey sound waves embark on to reach your ears. You can imagine when you open it, the sound waves rebound off the trunk, merge together, and cultivate a rich audio experience. This setup can be appealing if you’re a fan of music genres like rap, dubstep, or trap. So if those tunes are on your loved playlist, a rear-facing subwoofer might just be the perfect choice.

Giant subwoofer

Facing the front

If you’re looking to optimize your car’s audio experience, you might want to consider facing your subwoofer towards the front of your vehicle. There are some key points to help you consider whether to choose this option.

Firstly, when you choose this position, it channels sound directly to the back of your seats. Additionally, it also helps you save a bit of space. So, if you want to have more space in your trunk for your groceries, gym gear, or any other essentials for your daily routines.

Lastly, this setup might hit the high notes when it comes to delivering sharp, rapid bass beats. Moreover, if your musical taste is in genres that require precise, fast-paced bass, such as jazz or classical music. So, it’s a great choice to consider.

Facing upwards

Next, choosing to point your subwoofer upwards might not be the most common choice, but it can still give you a great sound. This can help the bass sound fill up your whole car, making your music feel more immersive.

Moreover, the bass might feel a bit softer and more blended with the rest of your music, unlike the punchy feel you’d get from front or rear-facing setups. Plus, when you set up this position, it can also save some space in your trunk for your stuff, but you need to be careful not to put anything heavy on it to avoid any damage.

So, if you’re looking for a unique listening experience that blends well with your music and saves space, an upward-facing subwoofer might be worth a try.

Facing downwards

Facing your subwoofer downwards might seem a little unusual, but it comes with its own unique benefits.

With this position, your car floor turns into a huge soundboard. In detail, you can imagine when the sound waves hit the floor, they bounce off and fill up your car with a smooth, even bass.

Another key point is that you might notice less of that annoying vibration noise. Its sound gives you a more peaceful, rattle-free listening experience.

But be noticed, if your car trunk is packed with soft stuff, a downward-facing subwoofer might not work as well. So, if you’re looking for a protective setup that offers a smooth sound and less vibration, this option might just be your best bet.

Factors to Consider When Positioning Your Subwoofer

Choosing where to put your subwoofer isn’t just about what direction it faces. You’ve got to think about a couple of other things, like the size of your trunk and the kind of subwoofer you have.

First, let’s chat about your trunk’s size. In detail, if your trunk is really big, you might have plenty of space to try out different positions like facing the subwoofer towards the back. On the other hand, if your trunk is more on the compact side, you might need to get a bit more thinking to arrange it. One option could be to position the subwoofer facing upwards.

Depending on the trunk size choosing a subwoofer

Now, we come up with the kind of subwoofer you have. Not all of them are the same, and the type you have can affect where you should place it. Currently, there are three main types of subwoofers: sealed box, ported box, and free-air. Each one has a unique design and produces a slightly different sound. Depending on the type choose the best position.

Remember, the most important thing is that your music sounds good to you. So, don’t be afraid to try out different positions until you find the one that makes your favorite songs sound their best.


So, which way is to face the subwoofer in the trunk? It depends. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer as it hinges on factors like your car’s trunk size, subwoofer type, and personal sound preference. So you can try it out until finding the best method to be an optimal setup for your unique needs.


What’s the best location for a subwoofer in a car trunk?

It’s generally recommended to have your subwoofer facing either upward or toward the rear of your car. This setup is convenient and effective, offering impressive bass output, space efficiency, and clear sound quality.

Why is the trunk a common place for subwoofers?

Most often, the trunk becomes the location for subwoofers as it is typically the most accommodating space for the subwoofer enclosure. Also, they need amplifiers to work, and these are often part of an upgraded audio system. The trunk makes an easy-to-access location for installing these amplifiers.

How can I position my subwoofer to achieve the loudest bass?

If you want to enhance the loudness of your subwoofer, try putting it in a corner of the room. This arrangement can boost the subwoofer’s output, making it sound louder. But keep in mind, the corner may not always be a practical spot for your subwoofer, especially if it’s too distant from your main listening area.