Speakers Not Working In Car: 5 Main Causes & Methods To Fix

Are your car’s speakers not working? Have you not been able to find the cause of this problem? If your answer is yes, this article is for you.

I will give you specific instructions on identifying faulty car speakers. What’s more, I bring a lot more useful tips for you.

Speakers Not Working In Car: Main Causes

All Not-Working Speakers

All Not-Working Ones - Speakers not working in car

The first cause is a problem with the car speakers. If a speaker doesn’t work properly, the system will suffer. To fix this situation, follow our instructions.

First, check your speaker system to find the location of the issues. Accordingly, you unplug the cord from the radio.

Then you use a temporary wire directly from the amplifier to listen to the sound. If you feel a sound coming out, the speaker may be damaged.

The next way for you is to check the voltage in the wire. The body of the above method is to test whether the speaker is receiving enough power.

Typically, a 12vol display will demonstrate everything a normal one has. If you have a multimeter at home, this is the most useful way for you.

Note that your speakers may have been damageable by weather or other external factors. Please check the circuits or protective layers. Alternatively, you can try changing the speaker’s new location.

Another way to test is to swap out the speakers. With this solution, you only need to try swapping out one of the car’s speakers.

A sound from the rear speaker indicates that your front one is damaged. If the rear speakers do not produce any sound, you should consider components.

Car Radio is Bad

Bad radio

Next, we will take the radio station test. If your car radio has problems, your speakers are also having technical problems. For example, a poor-quality car radio will cause the speakers to lose steam or stop working.

What’s more, a bad car radio can even damage the wiring in a car. You didn’t hear me wrong; the result of this process can lead to other line problems. Specifically, wire damage and broken wires.

If you’re having problems with your car speakers, start by checking the condition of your car radio. If you find that the shape of the radio is flickering, then you can choose for yourself a better alternative.

Please ask the care staff to advise a better quality device for this change. Surely, you will save a lot of money on replacing the radio.

Wrong Balance Control

The third reason on the list above is the wrong balance counting. That leads to the inactivity of the speaker.

This sign is that only one side is not working. You only perceive sound from one side. In addition, the possibility of damage to the entire speaker is still possible.

The wires to the version may have been so that only one side would not work.

Another possibility is that you have completely blown up the speaker, and it needs to be replaced or rewound.

A specific example is a pop-up regulator for the right side that is up but a bounce for the left side. The speakers on the left side will stop working.

To test balance control, increase the volume slowly. It’s best to set surround sound. Finally, adjust the volume in the center of the equalizer settings. Here you will realize the difference in balance control.

Car Speaker Wiring Problem

Wiring Problem

If there’s any damage to the wiring in your car, it could cause one side of your speakers to fail. It can be due to several reasons, such as accidents, weather conditions, or even rodents chewing on electrical wires.

To check this, you will need to do a continuity test to see if the output voltage from the input device is the same as the input voltage. A simple way to do this is to use a multimeter.

If you notice any irregularities between the output and input voltages, there is something wrong with your harness that needs to be fixed or replaced.

If you are confident that the wire is not the problem, you will want to check the next things.

Bad Audio Jack

The last cause that we want to suggest to you is the audio jack problem. A bad audio output jack will cause the car speakers to stop working on one side.

More than that, this sign can also be the source of the transistor. In general, both of the above problems are the same way, so you don’t have to worry.

If you are experiencing this, you should check the audio output jack. The means to make your testing effective is a multimeter. Either way, arm yourself with a multimeter to look at.

For the fastest, replace the output jack with a new one. With this solution, you can do it at home. In the case of transistor replacement, go to the experts.

Experienced people will be easier to replace. Because for me, it is quite difficult to change the transistor.

How To Fix Faulty Car Speakers?

Speaker testing

Speaker testing

With speakers, disconnect the amplifier for both speakers. Next, link the left to a right output. One tip for you is to turn the speaker’s stereo system on in a balanced position.

If the device did not work, the problem lies between the amp and speaker. At this point, you start checking the wires. Consider any wiring connections in the audio.

Also, if you find out that the one has a passive crossover between the amplifier and the device, herein lies the issue.

At this point, remove the device from a door on the amplifier. Use a short test wire to minimize the cumbersome.

Amplifier testing

You put the right back to the right channel and on the left amplifier channel to fix amplifier failure. In general, amplifiers and speakers coincide.

  • Accordingly, you will return the one wiring to the original models.
  • Continuing this process, try to unplug the RCA cable from the input of the amplifier.
  • Don’t forget the reverse conversion again.
  • Finally, take it on the stereo system.

Then two problems happen to you.

  • The left channel did not work, and the right track works properly: take the amplifier to a professional maintenance specialist.
  • And if the channel works but the right one has no sound, you have to go back to the cable test step.
  • Ensure you have turned off the stereo and let the RCA one back to its original possition.

RCA cable testing

RCA cable testing

Here’s how to do it specifically for you:

  • Check the RCA cable between an intermediate and one amp regarding RCA cable testing.
  • Continue this process by unplugging RCA one from the output of the intermediate component.
  • At this time, plug the active RCA into the inactive crossover side.

It can be that at this point, the process is nearing completion. You need to be patient and plug in the cable one more step.

One tip for you is to plug in the cables to the right of the amplifier and the left of the crossover because the working channel of RCA is on the right side.

The result you have will have:

  • The right one to work: The issue is now related to RCA cable, amps and a crossover. You can change the RCA cable directly.
  • It no longer works: The issue is not with the RCA cable.

Whatever the outcome, you must turn the stereo system off and return the RCA cable to its original condition.

Head Unit testing

Note that the flip direction is from left to right and vice versa.

Here, the right channel is active, and the channel tries to be inactive; the main issue is in the middleman. Please repair this part.

If the right and left speakers work simultaneously, the issue lies on the crossover. Let’s bring everything back to the beginning.


Is there a fuse for radio sound?

The answer is yes. In general, every car radio has at least one ch bridge. As a result, the car’s electrical equipment can avoid electric shocks.

The fuse is responsible for breaking the electrical circuit to save the main radio.

You must replace the fuse after each intervention because the fuse has blown and cannot be for the next time.

How much does a fuse cost for a car?

There are many different types of fuses on the market. Most mid-range models cost between $10 and $20. For some luxury cars, a fuse can be over $100.

In general, the higher-end the car, the more expensive the fuse will be.

Can blown speakers be fixed?

You can completely repair the speaker’s condition; however, I do not recommend you fix it. Instead, replace the audio system with a new one.


Now, have you figured out what caused your speakers not to work? If you find the above information useful, please share this article with others.

Do not forget to leave a comment about your questions below, and My Car Gears will try to contact support for you. Thank you for reading!

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