3 Basic Parts Of A Car Sound System: Best Beginner’s Guides

A premium car always needs an upgraded audio system. Even so, installing a complete car audio system by yourself requires a lot of effort to research. The basic thing is that we need the three most important parts of a car sound system: the head unit, the speakers, and the amplifiers.

Each element will have a specific use. The audio signal will pass through each part, in turn, to produce the output sound in the form of vibrations in the air. The following article will explain in more detail each part of a car audio system.

3 Must-have Parts Of A Car Sound System

The Head Unit

The Head Unit - Parts Of A Car Sound System

The Head Unit

For comparison, the head unit is like the heart of a car audio system. Because such an entire system will sometimes be connected to various electronics via cables. For a small area like a car, it needs to be integrated into one main device: the head unit.

Head unit (infotainment systems), or the so-called in-dash control unit, is simply a controller where you customize the volume, select songs, select audio sources, play music, etc. It receives the information that the user transmits and then adjusts the commands accordingly.

The most common type of command is changing the volume of the sound. It receives audio signals from the satellite radio, but it also gets recorded forms like DVD players (CD) or media players (USB). The Head unit also has the function of controlling audio tones such as bass or treble. So, choosing other devices like subwoofers or speakers depends entirely on the head unit. This is the first item you need to consider if you want to install a car audio system.

The Amplifier

Audio Amplifier - Parts Of A Car Sound System

Audio Amplifier

After being sent commands from the head unit, the car audio system needs a device to receive the audio signal and amplify it loud enough to travel to the speakers and create sound in mechanical form.

An amplifier needs two basic parts: a preamp and a power amplifier. The preamp is where the input signal is received and then calibrated so that it is most compatible with the power amp.

After being “filtered” by the preamp, the power amp takes standard input and increases the voltage of the audio as much as it can. With power amplification, the audio signal will have enough energy to transmit and deliver to the speakers.

A more standard sound requires more power and a car audio system of power amplifiers and is compatible with a large speaker. And sometimes, if you have a low-profile speaker and don’t ask too much about the sound quality, there are still smaller and more economical amplifiers on the market.

The Speakers/Subwoofers/Tweeters

Car speakers - Parts Of A Car Sound System

Car Speakers

The third component is the car speakers. The amplified signal is transmitted to the speakers in the shape of a cone, which is converted into mechanical energy and produces sound. The cone-shaped car speakers make it easier for the sound to reach the listener more smoothly.

Quality component speakers have both sensitivity to sound and the power handling itself. Most factory-installed products on the market are full-range speakers (Coaxial); the frequency range is spread as wide as possible.

However, embracing the entire tonal range like that leads to the bass often “disappearing” and the treble frequencies being poor. So, besides car speakers, people often attach a subwoofer or a tweeter.

The subwoofer is a device that allows adjusting the low bass in the range of 20 Hz to 300 Hz. Sub woofers make the sound richer, like kick drums, and are often favored by those who love the low-frequency sound.

In contrast, the tweeter is responsible for higher frequencies than the ordinary range. This high range makes the sound crisper. Buyers can install component speakers of different sizes and styles according to their personal preferences to produce the desired sound quality

For example, you can install a coaxial speaker mounted with a tweeter and subwoofer to complement each other to create mid-range sounds.


Installing a satisfactory car stereo system requires that you understand car audio systems. It also depends on each person’s taste to create the best appropriate car audio system.

Automotive electronics is not limited to only the three basic components but also includes other byproducts. If you found the above content useful and would like to find more information about cars and auto gears, please leave a comment or check Mycargears.com for more informative details.

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