How To Keep Your Car Amplifier Cool (Step by Step)

No matter how your amplifier gets heated, you need to cool it down. Otherwise, its performance will degrade over time. 

So how to keep the car amplifier cool? We recommend installing a cooling fan to reduce the heat. Let’s check what you need to do for this installation! 

How To Keep Your Car Amplifier Cool?

If you’ve set your car amp in a position with adequate airflow, you won’t need to put a second fan there. If you place it behind something, the fan must be in the correct spot to properly vent your car amplifier’s heat.

Using two wires, you can install a cooling fan to your car’s audio amp. It works well to keep the car amp cool. Here are three steps to get your job done. 

Step 1: Wire the fan

You can see the REM wire on the back of your amplifier. Now, remove that wire and hook it to the SPST switch while attaching the other end to the ground line.  

Then connect the positive line on the cooling fan to the positive cable that comes directly from the car amplifier. Connect a different wire to the REM connector on the amplifier by running it from the N/O of your relay.

Next, link the fan terminals to the newly modified REM connection and the amp’s ground connection. 

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Step 2: Mount the fan

Your car audio amplifier should now switch on along with the cooling fan. To ensure it receives the maximum air flow possible, place it close to the car amp in a comfortable resting position.

Keep other dangling cables away from here. They may get stuck in the fan and cause the motor to flash out, which might feed back into the car amp. 

To avoid crushing or damaging any wires that have threads, take care not to tighten the knots on the wires too firmly.

How to keep your car amplifier cool? mounting the fan is step 2

Step 3: Bundle the wires 

After securing everything in place, carefully examine your car audio amplifier and the fan configuration. You can use zip ties to hold any cables that hang or may possibly come loose. The ties are plastic and serve as a natural insulator, making them excellent for electrical wiring.

The ties are also helpful if you want to tie excess wires from your car amp that lay in tangles. Take extra caution at this step to avoid electrical accidents in the future. These straightforward safety steps will help maintain your car sound system in good condition for years while saving you money and time.

Work with the wires carefully

Some people worry about the cooling fan draining their car battery. However, it only happens if there are problems with the fan control module and engine temperature sensor. 

Sometimes, it depends on how much power the fan needs. But in general, your car battery can stay safe. 

Extra tips 

Aside from installing the fan, you should also follow these tips to avoid hot air in your car amplifier without sacrificing sound quality. 

  • Set up the car amp correctly 

If you don’t install the car audio amp properly, it will trap more heat between the fins of the heat sink. Things get worse if you use a low-quality amplifier. 

The ideal technique for more significant cooling is to position the car amp so that any cooling fins of heat sinks flow vertically.

Besides, the amp should work with the proper impedance range. There will be more heat because of the extra power supply it needs to make. And once it becomes heated, it will go into protection mode and shut down. 

  • Allow extra space around the car audio amp.

Try to position the amp in an open space. The idea is to allow adequate airflow through the amplifier. 

  • Always check the gauges.

Due to the risk of the amplifier getting hot at any time, you must check all of the gauges constantly. Then, you can predict the situation and take immediate action. 

Check the amplifier to ensure it still works well

How To Keep A Car Amp Cool? Tutorial Video 

This video shows you how to install a cooling fan properly. The instructor also shares some extra tips to keep your car amp cool, such as adding an enclosure for the amp and inserting a thermostat to monitor the temperature within it. 


Your car amp may get hot, reducing the sound quality and affecting your experience. Luckily, you can install cooling fans to solve the problems. Don’t forget to check the installation quality at the end so it won’t impact the power supply. 

Also, inspect all the wires in your setup. Cool air will come into play and improve the car amps nicely. 

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. If you need any further information about car amps, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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