Is Rockville a Good Brand: Review 4 Well-Known Equipment

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is Rockville a good brand for sound equipment?” In this article, we’ll answer this question, and provide detailed information to help you make a better decision.

What is Rockville?

Rockville is a well-known name that makes lots of different sound equipment. They make everything from systems for watching movies at home in surround sound to professional gear for DJs, all aimed to give you the best sound experience possible. Currently, they provide so many different types of products. They have speakers, amplifiers, microphones, stereo systems for cars, and even equipment for DJs.

Moreover, Rockville also makes amplifiers that fit into four main groups:

  • Pro amplifiers

These are amplifiers made for people who need professional-grade sound. They range from smaller ones like the Rockville RPA5, which delivers 400 watts of sound, up to bigger ones like the Rockville RPA9, RPA12, and RPA16 which can deliver 3000, 5000, and a massive 10000 watts of sound respectively.

  • Monoblock amps

Rockville is really good at making subwoofers, so they also make special monoblock amps that give the power needed to make these subwoofers sound their best.

  • Pre Amplifiers

Rockville doesn’t make a lot of these, but the ones they do make come with neat features like Bluetooth for wireless connection, crossover for better sound quality, EQ for adjusting the sound, and computer interfaces for easy control.

  • Guitar amplifiers

While not a major focus for Rockville, they do make a few amplifiers designed specifically for guitars.

In simple terms, Rockville makes a variety of amplifiers for different needs, whether you’re a professional needing powerful sound, a bass lover wanting to boost your subwoofer, or a guitar player looking for that perfect amp.

Guitar amplifiers

Is Rockville a Good Brand?

Yes, of course, because they always make things that are good quality, last a long time, and make music and sound come alive. They consistently deliver products that meet consumers’ expectations, earning them a solid reputation among audiophiles as well as professional DJs.

Rockville Popular Sound Equipment

Rockville’s lineup is extensive, offering a variety of products to meet any audio need. Let’s delve into some of their most popular categories.


You can find Rockville speakers in lots of places – homes, shops, vehicles, and even boats. They use this smart technology that suits each different setting.

One popular Rockville product is the RPG speaker. It’s known for its special features and stands 78 inches tall. Despite weighing around 136.8 pounds, you can adjust its height to best fit your space.

The speaker’s powerhouse is the 1000W Rockville RPG, which has a 15-inch part for the lower sounds and a 3-inch aluminum part for the higher sounds. It can use both 110V and 220V power supplies, so you can set it up almost anywhere.

The speaker even has rubber feet for secure placement and a two-band EQ at the back. This lets you tweak the bass to your liking. With Rockville RPG, you’re in control of your sound experience.

Car speaker


Rockville amplifiers stand out for their powerful sound and crystal-clear audio. They have a few things that set them apart.

Firstly, these amplifiers can boost the sound from your speakers, making them louder and clearer. So, whether you’re watching movies at home or setting up a professional performance, these amplifiers can help amplify your sound.

What’s more, these amplifiers are smartly designed. Even though they’re strong, they still ensure that the sound quality isn’t degraded. Their smart design helps to keep the sound clean and free of distortion.

For instance, consider the Rockville dB45. This is a 4-channel amplifier that can peak at 3200 watts of power. It uses a high-speed power supply and has protection from under-voltage, making the power supply stay smooth and efficient.

The dB45 also has features that can be adjusted, like its 12dB/octave crossover and high-level inputs. It even has a feature to mute and delay the initial start, which reduces the initial load on your speakers and helps them last longer.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable amplifier that can perform well and is affordable, consider Rockville amplifiers.

Car amplifier


Rockville microphones are popular due to their dependable performance and high-quality sound. They are useful for studio recording or live performances, so both professional artists and casual users like using them more than other brands. Moreover, they support a stand-out feature is capturing and delivering sounds faithfully. So, you can hear the sound loud and clear.

A great example is the Rockville RMC-XLR. This type has microphone boasts a sturdy metal body and a premium metal grill. It is also known for its high sensitivity and broad frequency response, making it a great choice for high-quality sound recording.

Furthermore, the RMC-XLR microphone delivers a smooth and comprehensive frequency response. Thus, you can use it for your vocal performances, speeches, and instrument recording.

Car Stereos

Rockville car stereos are highly recommended for their ability to bring top-notch audio to your drives. They come with advanced features and are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, ensuring enjoyable, high-quality sound during every journey.

Consider the Rockville RGHR2 Marine Gauge Hole Receiver as an example. This all-around car stereo is even waterproof, making it a fantastic choice for cars, boats, and other watercraft.

The RGHR2 has a range of features that makes it stand out. It includes AM/FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming and phone calls, and a USB input. With its high power output of 72 watts, it can significantly enhance your music-listening experience while you’re on the move.

The stereo also boasts a sleek and modern design. Moreover, it’s easy to install and fits many car models.

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Are Rockville Amps a great choice: Detailed Review

Here, we provide in-depth information about the distinct advantages of these amps:

Sound Quality

Rockville Amps are designed to provide you with an amazing sound experience. In detail, they focus on making the sound as real and close to the original as possible, known as high-fidelity sound. So, this ensures the sound you hear is clean, and of great quality, and makes your listening time more enjoyable.

The Powerhouse of Sound

Rockville makes amplifiers that can handle different levels of power, from 200 to 600 Watts, even to 1000 Watts. They even have options that reach up to a whopping 5000-Watt peak, and their most powerful ones can deliver an amazing 10,000 watts.

One of another thing is how their amps are built for high performance. They can put out more power for better sound and help you reach the volume you want more easily. So, they’re great whether you’re putting on a small live show or recording at home.


Another key feature of Rockville Amps is their compatibility. These amplifiers are designed to work well with a range of audio systems. Whether you’re pairing them with the same brand (Rockville) or using them with other brands, these amps are designed to integrate seamlessly and work efficiently.

In conclusion, these Amps are well-regarded for their sound quality, power, and compatibility, making them a solid choice for any audio enthusiast or professional.

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So, is Rockville a great choice? Without a doubt! With its commitment to quality, broad range of products, and exceptional performance, Rockville has established itself as a leading name in the audio equipment industry. Whether you’re an audiophile, a professional DJ, or just someone who appreciates good sound, this brand has something for you.


  1. Do Rockville speakers offer high-quality sound?

    Rockville is known for its well-crafted speakers suited to various uses. However, with their wide selection, finding the perfect fit for your specific requirements can be quite a challenge.

  2. What's the ideal frequency response for speakers?

    Normally, speakers should have a frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (20000 Hz), as this is the typical human hearing range. If an audio device can cover this range, it's often referred to as having a “full-range response.”

  3. How can I tell if my Rockville amplifier is damaged?

    To identify a damaged speaker linked to your amplifier, you can disconnect all speakers from the amp. If the amplifier then exits the protected mode, a damaged speaker is likely the issue.