How To Fix A Car Speaker With No Sound? 3 Simple Steps

Imagine going downtown, and suddenly, your radio system is moody and breaking down. As you check, though there’s still power, the car speaker does not make any sound. What should you do?

Before doing anything, take a deep breath and check for any devices related to the speakers, since many reasons explain why your speaker system is not working.

Should you check the head unit or the wire first? Here are steps to fix a car speaker with no sound.

How Does A Car Radio Work?

Many people believe “theory must square with practice”. So, knowing the car stereo structure and how it works will help you quickly find the key for your unlocked door.

There are four main components of the car speaker:

  • The head unit is the speaker’s body, a combination of controls, dials, or touchscreen. Like any electrical device, the head unit also has hardware and software, which are essential for file reading, USB, AUX, Bluetooth connections, or even volume controls.
  • The amplifier is a general term for a circuit that generates an amplified version of its input signal. For speaker usage, its amplification turns the low signal from the head unit to power the sound of the speaker louder.
  • Speakers take the signal from the amplifier to generate a sound wave that our ears pick up and experience as sound.
  • Wiring is cabling and connected to the body to the antenna, the amp, and the car battery of speakers.

How to fix a car speaker with no sound-Car Stereo System

Why Are Car Speakers Not Working?

Car speakers are usually easier to wear out than regular speakers because most cars and trucks tend to be supplied with lower-quality original equipment (OE) speakers.

Over time, the speakers will be broken down at one time. Because they’re fatigued, it makes sense how frequently it dies while constantly switching volume up and down, for example.

When the car stereo systems have no sound coming out of the speakers, the issue is usually blown a fuse, likely followed by loose wiring and amplifier; lastly, check for other problems such as software.

In addition, might the head unit and one of the speakers be considered the causes of the corruption of the whole system?

How To Fix A Car Speaker With No Sound?

Inspect The Fuses

The automobile fuse protects the specifics of utilizing electricity by preventing fire, explosion, and damage.

As a result, this gear is equivalent to a vehicle’s “bodyguard,” which protects the wires, connectors, and all the audio equipment. When the fuse is blown, the circuit gets disconnected for safety reasons.

So, a broken fuse can indeed interrupt your joy of listening to quality music.

When dealing with an electrical problem, you should always check the fuse box first. The fuse is usually located in the back of the stereo system.

After finding where it has been located, you can use the test lamp to examine if it is still working. Another method is plugging each fuse to see if the wire is cracked.

How To Fix Car Fuses When They Blow?

Test On The Loose Wires

The car’s wire is usually durable even though the car has aged a decade. The common scenario is the wire might loosen while driving.

What If The Head Unit Cables Are The Trouble?

While checking the head unit wires, you should consider taking access to the backside. It may not look as simple as you think because you have to consider separating the wires from the dashboard or head unit without harming it.

Slowly test all of the wires and connectors if they’re the reasons or not, and more importantly, see through them carefully whether any connector is loose from the dashboard.

What If The Amplifier Wires Are Loosened?

The amplifier is noticeably placed at the back of the vehicle. Like the head unit, the amplifier has a multitude of wires in and out connected to the speakers.

You also need to go through the rest of them consciously to determine whether the wires are loosened or if they could be unintentionally left disunited.

Car wires

What If The Error Is From The Speaker’s Cables?

The final checkup is for speakers. It is usually not the check destination because it could not shut down the whole system, but for a single speaker, it may be troublesome.

To find the cracked speaker, look for the fader and balance to identify all the car parts – left and right, back and front.

Then, use your ear to find the rest and inspect the broken one while you open the speaker cover with forethought and check the wires.

Amplifier Is Failing

Because the amplifier is responsible for bringing a stereo signal for the speaker to make sound, it is the cause of “muting” the speakers when they crash.

In this case, you must bypass the amp and remove it from the system. It indicates that later if any devices are faulty in the chain, it will cause a malfunction.

However, when the radio has no power or fixing the amp won’t work, you should check for the battery or the head unit.

Why Is My Amplifier Broken?

Is The Key A Software Issue?

If any of the above is not working, try restarting the software; just like electronic devices like smartphones or computers, sometimes the radio system malfunctions. So, check the settings and try it out.

There is the example to check all the above been mentioned:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Did One Of My Car Speakers Stop Working?

Because the car radio may allow you to shut off sound from either side, try to check the settings of the radio system.

If that is not the cause, it may be from the wiring, or one of the speakers has failed.

Can A Car Stereo Has Power But No Sound From Speakers?

Yes, it may be the amp that is the issue. As it was mentioned earlier, you need to remove it. However, you should inspect the button if it is not from the amp.

As you may be pressed into mute unconsciousness without knowing it.

Further reading:

How To Fix Car Speaker Wiring?

In most cases, car wiring can be replaced or lengthened. However, it would help if you remembered some important things:

  • Don’t try for poor-quality wire since it can easily break and make a huge mess to fix afterward.
  • You don’t need to use the same material for the speaker wire. Use what you bring handy for you.

How Long Do Fuses Last In A Car?

The age of the fuses is longer than you think; it can last without wear and tear for many decades when it is in perfect condition as dry and with no negativity in the electronic wire system and components.

Is There A Fuse For The Car Radio System?

Usually, car speakers do not have a fuse. However, the head unit or amplifier does. As fragile as the head unit and third equipment as the amplifier, the fuse will protect them from harm and electricity cause fire.

Why My Car Speaker Is Not Working, But The Subwoofer Is Working?

A subwoofer (sub) is a speaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio waves, sometimes called bass. So, when your car stereo system wants to strike and stop functioning while your sub is still doing fine.

The trouble does not come from the speakers; it may be stuck with the head unit or the wiring system.


There are many reasons to diagnose whether the speaker is not working. Maybe it’s from one part of the radio, such as the head unit or amplifier, or maybe it’s the wiring system. Of course, we also discuss about what to do to fix a car speaker with no sound.

You should find the nearest mechanic audio store to resolve the situation with a professional. Still, these tips can help you simplify the steps of checking your audio system if it crashes while driving in the middle of the road.

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