How To Convert Home Subwoofer To Car? Top Guides For Newbies

How to convert home subwoofer to car? Is the conversion difficult to do?

Do I need the experience to convert a car home subwoofer? If you face the above questions, you must read this article.

I will give you six specific steps to convert a home subwoofer into a car. What’s more, I’ve also equipped some questions on this topic.

Let’s get right into the details!

How To Convert Home Subwoofer To Car?

To make it easy and fast for you to convert your home subwoofer to your car, I divided it into 6 steps. All include:

Select Amplifier

How To Convert Home Subwoofer To Car - Amplifier


First, choose the right amplifier for your speakers. The mechanism of an amplifier is to supply power to the speaker. So, connecting speakers cannot be without an amplifier.

I equip cars with a 12-volt battery level with the 120-volt amplifier. Accordingly, this number is the best to help the car maintain a long-term speaker status, and this choice will bring better performance.

Alternatively, you can choose to reverse the above suggestion. For me, this alternative should only be an effective solution.

A tip for you is to avoid using the amplifier in most subwoofers because I noticed that this combination produces not very good activities.

Another problem is that your amplifier doesn’t have to be that expensive.

You can give preference to a cheap model. However, the amplifier must meet half the output power of the main car.

Remove Electronics

Next, we will come to the step of removing unnecessary electronics. In my opinion, this step is quite simple and quick. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Replace the screws holding the plug assembly in one place. One of the ways to speed up this process is to remove the community instead of removing it individually.
  • Step 2: you perform the cutting of the wires going to the speaker. At the same time, you also remove other electronic devices.
  • Step 3: You begin to remove a power cord carefully. In general, step 3 is quite important, so please pay attention during implementation.

Finally, the assembly. Accordingly, you will have to perform the act of cutting a hole in the box; you need to make sure the hole size is the same as a speaker block that you will install.

Choose Wiring

How To Convert Home Subwoofer To Car - Choose Wiring

Choose Wiring

Before you get into the wiring process, look at all the speakers inside the box.

Here, you start counting the number of coils to determine a specific number.

Some subwoofers only have one or two-wire connectors. The work for the device will get two coils.

This device is also equipped with four additional tabs for connecting wires.

You have determined the right way to get the device to an amplifier through this step. From there, the following steps will be much easier and faster.

Connect Amplifier with Subwoofer

How To Convert Home Subwoofer To Car - Choose Wiring

Connect Amplifier with Subwoofer

Here, we will perform the process of connecting the amps to the subwoofer. What you have to prepare is the included screwdriver and amplifier.

You can choose the amplifier arbitrarily. For screwdrivers, the best is wood material.

So, your options create a standalone unit that makes the connection process easier. Not only that, but you will also feel light while using a wood screwdriver.

Wire Subwoofer vs. Amplifier

To successfully connect the subwoofer and amplifier wires, you must pay attention to the correct connection of the speaker terminals.

For example, if your 2-wire speaker is having problems, the priority should be to find the connection between the positive and negative terminals. Of course, this operation requires attaching an audio amplifier to verify the level of perfection.

Conversely, the negative wire should always be connected to the cathode. If you deliberately do not follow this rule, your amps will not be able to work properly with the speakers.

It will basically leave the cathode on the first channel empty. And of course, this will repeat on the 2nd channel with the anode.

With a 4-wire speaker, the order will be in reverse order.

Set up the Subwoofer

In the end, you need to set up the sub. It is best to choose for yourself a good quality toolkit.

Accordingly, your subwoofer will work extremely sensitively in your car. As a result, you will have an extremely enjoyable audio experience.

You can now enjoy your car’s super bass sound through the above steps. You will certainly have moments of refreshment.

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Researching how to convert a home subwoofer, I realized that many questions about this have not been answered. So I decided to dedicate this part of the article to answer your most common question.

Can I replace my home theater with a car subwoofer?

The answer is yes. However, to make this transition, you must have an understanding of speakers.

We do not recommend people with no experience try it at home with this approach because switching from a home theater to a car one is quite complicated.

Can we connect the home theater to the car?

You can perfectly connect your home theater to a home-type car. But you have to be mentally prepared that the model you assemble may bring about a poor experience effect.

In some cases, the lifespan of such devices is not high. Accordingly, you may have to spend extra money for replacements and repairs in the back.

Can I hook up a subwoofer to my stock car stereo?

You can completely install an amplifier to the system. Unlike using home radio sound, your device can still sound good.

If you have a real passion, then you can try this solution for your car.

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Can you understand the mechanics of transferring a home subwoofer to a car?

Please read the instructions many times before doing so to avoid unnecessary mistakes. If you follow my instructions correctly, you will surely succeed.

If you have any further questions regarding this topic, please comment below this article; we will try to contact and support you promptly. Thanks for reading!