How To Clear Memory On Pioneer Radio? 3 Easy Steps

You want to clear memory on pioneer radio? Don’t worry because clear Bluetooth memory pioneer isn’t too complicated. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps. No need to be a car stereo engineer; you can still solve the problem quickly. Anyone can do these three steps; just a few steps are detailed instructions. These steps are right below.

How To Clean Memory On Pioneer Radio? – Pioneer AVH Double DIN

Stereo is an indispensable part of the car audio system. Although there are many car radio models, you can clear Bluetooth memory on Pioneer similarly.

Full memory will cause the device to work intermittently, even unable to connect to the phone.

If memory full on pioneer radio and can’t clear Bluetooth memory pioneer, do three steps here to help.

Step 1

Touch the Window icon and press the Wheel icon on the screen.

window iconwheel icon

Step 2

When you do step 1, you can see the Bluetooth icon on the left of the screen; touch it.

bluetooth icon

Step 3

And you can easily see the [Bluetooth Memory Clear]. In the Bluetooth menu, touch [Clear] and then [OK] to finish.

How To Clear Bluetooth Memory On Pioneer? – Pioneer DEH Single DIN

What’s worse when you want to listen to music and can’t connect to your radio? The best thing you can do is clear the memory on your device.

How to erase Bluetooth memory on pioneer radio if Pioneer Single DIN? Usually, Pioneer Single DIN will not have a touch screen, so we will operate with physical buttons.

Do not worry because the steps to manipulate the physical buttons are straightforward and detailed, which anyone can do.

pioneer- how to clear memory on pioneer radio

Step 1

Press and hold the M.C. (multi-control) dial button. Then it will display the main menu.

Step 2

When the screen displays the main menu, find [SYSTEM settings] by turning the M.C button.

Step 3

In the item [SYSTEM settings], choose item [BT MEM CLEAR] and set [Yes].

When the screen displays [CLEARED], the data is successfully deleted.

How To Reset My Pioneer Radio?

Pioneer radio Bluetooth memory full, and you want to reset to the factory. First, press the Window icon, then touch the Wheel icon.

window iconwheel icon

Next, find the Tools icon.

tools icon

In many other models, choose the [System settings].

Find [Restore Settings], then touch [Restore] to finish. Note do not turn off your radio in the reset progress.

The system reset will delete paired devices and clear the Bluetooth memory.

Or you can watch the video below to know more about the way to reset your DEH radio:

How To Connect Bluetooth To Pioneer Car Stereo?

Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, then wait a minute; you can see the name of Pioneer, then click it and connect.

On the car stereo screen, “Would you like to pair with this device?” click [Yes]. Now your phone is connected to the car stereo.

The Bluetooth with the phone icon in the lower right corner of the screen glow indicates that you have successfully connected.

Futher information:

Connect Bluetooth

Why Can I Not Connect To My Pioneer Car Radio?

Sometimes your car stereo has too many connections, or the pioneer car radio is full of memory. These are common causes of phone-to-radio connection failures.

Try to clear the Bluetooth memory, delete Bluetooth device in the Bluetooth settings, or even set your pioneer Mixtrax to factory settings and try to connect again.

If you’ve tried modifying all the software and still can’t connect to the Bluetooth devices, it’s probably a hardware problem, like the head unit, USB port, Bluetooth module, or burning stereo.


How to change the PIN code for Bluetooth connection?

First, touch the Wheel icon on the screen and then the Bluetooth icon. Then on the screen, choose item [PIN Code Input], then change the PIN code. The default PIN code is “0000”.

How To Delete Bluetooth Devices On Pioneer Stereo?

Press the Window icon, then touch the Wheel icon on the screen. Touch the Bluetooth icon; you can see [Connection], touch it, delete phones, or delete the Bluetooth device you want.

How To AutoConnect Bluetooth Device?

First, choose the Window icon on the screen, tap the Wheel icon, touch the Bluetooth icon, find the item [AutoConnect], and turn it on.

How To Delete Bluetooth Device From Pioneer Avh-120bt?

On the radio screen, choose the Window icon on the left, find the Bluetooth icon, then choose item [Connection], delete devices in the menu item.

How To Clear Bluetooth Memory On Pioneer Avh-200bt?

First, you click the Window icon on the left of the screen. At the bottom, click the [System].

Then you scroll down, find the [Bluetooth Memory Clear], click it, and press [OK].


So this article has indicated clearing memory on Pioneer radio in a few ways. Now you can quickly clear memory or connect Bluetooth across devices. Enjoy car sound most comfortably. I hope the article has helped you solve the problem and provided helpful information.

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