How Many Amps Does A Car Stereo Draw? Here’s The Answer!

A car audio system is indispensable for ardent music lovers when driving. It gives you relaxing moments immersing in your favorite songs and albums on the road to work, travel, or school. But it will be a nightmare if the volume is not loud enough or the built-in audio system has worn down after a long usage period. You may want to install extra amplifiers to enhance the stereo’s power and level up your listening experience. Many people wonder: “what amount of amps does a car stereo draw?”.

A common car stereo draws around ten amps to thirty amps. When the stereo went off, the number decreased to  0.1 and 0.5 amps. This post will give you a closer look into this topic.

What Is A Car Stereo?

Many people often mistake the car stereo for the receiver. A car stereo generates sound from one or two speaker channels that fit in the frame or the inner structure of your vehicle.

Your car has an audio system if it has more than one speaker amplifier. The term “car stereo” doesn’t just involve the main unit and radio but also the main speakers and their connected audio devices, such as the amplifiers and woofers.

Your car stereo includes all the audio devices called “the audio system” equipped on the vehicle. Some high-end car models have multiple speaker channels from different angles.

What Amount Of Amps Does A Car Stereo Draw?

A car stereo draws around 10-30 amps. This number varies significantly when the system is turned on or off. It also depends on the battery of the vehicle.

The audio system on your automobile still consumes an insignificant amount of power when turned off. High-quality audio systems that give out robust and loud sounds may draw up to 30 amperes.

When you add an extra powerful amplifier into your vehicle’s audio system, this number gets even higher. An amplifier with a 12V supply can push the amperes drawn to more than 80.

The number can be calculated by special parameters that measure the amperes usage of your vehicle. However, you have to ensure that your vehicle’s battery is large enough to handle these powerful setups.

Amperes measure tool - How Many Amps Does A Car Stereo Draw

When Turned On

When you listen to music while driving, the automobile audio draws around five amperes on average. If the sound is distorted or interrupted, the audio system is too weak, and you need to upgrade or replace a new one.

The fastest solution is adding an amplifier to increase the vibration and volume of the sound.

When Turned Off

The majority of automobile stereos draw around 0.1 amps when the machine is turned off. Some robust audio systems can consume up to 0.1 amps, but this instance is very rare.

Overall, this number is very small, and you don’t have to worry about it. Small stereo systems on old automobiles consume much fewer amperes.

Overall, this number is very small, and you don’t have to worry about it. Small stereo systems on old cars consume much less amperes.

When Turned On, But With Inactive Radio

When you have just turned on the key without activating the stereo, the amps drawn go up to 0.5. This number is insignificant, but it can drain your vehicle battery when turned on for many hours.

On older automobile models with small audio systems, the amperes drawn can range between 0.2 to 1.2 on average. If you forget to turn off the vehicle and let the machine operate all day, the audio can quickly consume all the power sources.

If you want to avoid this energy drainage, try replacing the new audio or adjusting the power consumption. The heavier your automobile stereo system, the more amps it will draw when staying inactive.

Car Audio

What Factors Influence The Number Of Amperes

The biggest factor that decides the number of drawn amperes is the volume of the sounds you play.

When you turn on the volume and increase the low-frequency sounds like bass, the amperes consumption will go up considerably. The extra components, such as additional speakers and subwoofers, will add up to the amperes drawn.

If you have replaced a robust audio system, but the sound quality is not good enough, your vehicle’s battery is too small to handle the heavy power load. In this case, you need to install a larger battery size.

Remember not to leave the key on because a heavy audio system can drain your vehicle’s power.

What Happens If You Go Beyond The Advisable Number Of Amperes?

If you surpass the amperes limit, your vehicle stereo still operates well, but it will drain the battery faster. You don’t have to worry much about it unless your vehicle’s battery size is too small.

If you want more detailed information, consider watching the video below.

Amplifier Model


Here are some common questions people ask about the automobile stereo amperes consumption.

How Many Amps Does A 1000 Watt Car Amp Draw?

A common 1000-watt amplifier draws around ten amps on average. This number may vary depending on the type of the amplifier and the voltage supply.

Can I Run 2 Amps Off 1 Power Cable?

Yes, you can. With the help of a power distribution block. You can connect the amplifier with a single power wire.

Are 300 Amps Enough To Start A Car?

It depends on your vehicle model, but around 400 to 600 amps are sufficient to start an automobile.

How Many Amps Do You Need To Run A Car Amplifier?

An amplifier and subwoofer consume around 10-30 amps. You can check the input on the back of the device to know the exact number.

Final Thoughts

Use a special tool to measure if you want to know the exact number. We hope that this information can give you a better understanding of this issue. Thank you for reading and check our site to see more related topics!

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