Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass Mid Treble: Detailed Guide

When it comes to tuning your car’s sound system, the equalizer settings play a crucial role in enriching the audio experience. But what exactly are the best equalizer settings for car audio bass, mid, and treble?

So, this article guides you through understanding the frequencies, finding the best equalizer settings for various music genres, and offers tips for fine-tuning your car audio.

What are the Bass, Mid, & Treble Frequencies

The sound quality of your car’s audio system is determined by different levels of sound frequencies. So, we provide detailed information for each level:

  • Bass: Ranging from 20-250 Hz, the Bass is the lowest part of the audio spectrum. It makes the sound more powerful when you hear music.
  • Mid-Range: Situated between 250 Hz – 4 kHz, making you hear most vocals and musical instruments when listening to music.
  • Treble: In the 4kHz – 20 kHz range, the Treble includes the highest frequencies. These sounds will add clarity to the sound.
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Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass Mid Treble: Detailed Guide

The best way to set your car’s equalizer is by making sure all sounds are neutral. Normally, this works well for most music types and podcasts. But if you’re a fan of bass-heavy beats like hip-hop or dance music, try turning up the mid and high sounds a little (to about +2 or +4).

Also, you boost the bass sounds even more (up to +4). Additionally, we also provide detailed information for each type of music to adjust:

All genres

For a balanced sound across all genres, we highly recommend that you set the equalizer to neutral.

It means setting:

  • Bass : below 250 Hz
  • Mid-Range : 250 Hz – 4 kHz
  • Treble : above 4kHz levels to their midpoint. 

For example, if your equalizer has a scale from -10 to +10, set all frequencies to 0.

Bass-heavy music genres

Bass-heavy genres like Pop, Hip Hop, and Rap are often powerful. To feel the music in such genres, you could adjust your Bass frequencies in the range of 20-250 Hz a few notches above the midpoint.

For instance, if your scale goes up to +10, you should set your bass to +5 or +6. However, you also have a slight increase in 2 frequencies are Mid-Range and Treble, say to +1 or +2, which will ensure the vocals and higher-pitched instruments aren’t drowned out by the bass.


EDM is a genre that typically combines heavy bass lines with high-pitched synth sounds. So, you can consider boosting the Bass and Treble frequencies to settings such as +5 or +6, while keeping the Mid-Range frequencies slightly lower, perhaps around +2 or +3.

Rock and metal

Rock and Metal music is full of loud guitars, hard-hitting drums, and strong voices. These sounds are in the middle of the sound range. So, you should turn up the mid-range sounds to about +5 or +6.

However, also keep 2 frequencies the bass and treble sounds at a moderate level, around +3 or +4, making sure the music still has a full, rich sound.

Classical music and Jazz

Classical music and Jazz are both genres that ask you to lean in and listen closely. For the best listening experience, a few adjustments to your equalizer can go a long way. The Mid-Range and Treble frequencies need to be your focus here.

So, you need to boost the Mid-Range around +5. Likewise, increasing the Treble to about +6 brings a sharper focus on those high-frequency sounds. However, don’t overlook the Bass, as it often lays the foundation of these tracks. So, you should set the Bass to around +3.

Modifying equalizer settings

You can modify equalizer settings based on your car stereotype, so we provide you a guide to update your equalizer setting:

Single DIN car stereo

For Single DIN Car Stereos, the first step to modifying equalizer settings is to locate the “sound” or “audio” settings in your system’s menu. Within these settings, you should find the equalizer or tone control settings. Some systems might label this as “bass”, “mid”, or “treble”. So, you can adjust each one of these to your liking by increasing or decreasing the level.

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Double DIN car stereo

Normally, Double DIN Car Stereos have more detailed sound settings, so, you can control different parts of your music’s sound with ease. In the sound settings menu, look for the equalizer settings. Here, you can change the level for different parts of the music, which helps you make some parts of your audio sound better.

External equalizer

With an External Equalizer, you get the most control over your audio settings. These devices often come with multiple sliders, each corresponding to a different frequency range. So, you can move these sliders up or down to adjust the level for each frequency you want.

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Adjusting the equalizer settings for car audio: 5 Tips

Here are some suggestions for adjusting your equalizer settings:

  • Start with flat settings

Begin with neutral or “flat” settings for your bass, mid-range, and treble. As we describe above, that means you should set all frequencies to their midpoints.

  • Adjust one frequency at a time

With frequency Bass, Mid-Range, and Treble, you should adjust them individually, making changes one at a time. This helps you hear the impact of each frequency on the overall sound.

  • Avoid extreme settings

While it might be tempting to crank up the bass or treble to maximum, extreme boosts or cuts may result in distorted sound.

  • Balance the volume

Maintaining balanced volume levels across frequencies ensures a harmonious audio experience. If one frequency band is too loud, it might overpower the others.

  • Practice and experiment

There’s no standard in equalizer settings. So, your sound depends on your individual preferences, the genres of music you listen to, and even the acoustics of your car.

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In conclusion, finding the best equalizer settings for car audio bass mid, and treble involves understanding frequencies, experimenting with different settings, and constantly fine-tuning. Enjoy the process and explore the boundaries of your car audio system.


  1. What are the optimal bass, mid, and treble settings for car audio?

    Normally, bass frequencies range from 60 to 120 hertz, mids span from 400 to 2,500 hertz, and treble lies between 8,000 to 15,000 hertz. The equalizer has more frequency bands allowing for bester divisions of frequency groups (like 13 instead of 3), giving you greater control over your stereo's sound.

  2. What's the ideal configuration for bass and treble?

    This largely relies on your tastes and the kind of music you listen to. However, an effective starting point could be to adjust the bass to around 4 and the treble to around 6. This setup will give you a well-rounded audio output appropriate for most music genres.

  3. How can I achieve the best settings on my equalizer?

    If you're aiming for a richer bass, begin by reducing the upper mid-range frequencies. It's often wiser to trim before boosting to prevent sound distortion. If you're after more distinct dialogues, your TV equalizer settings should favor lower lows and highs. Boosting the high mids might add extra clarity if needed.