The Best Car Amplifier For Competition in 2022 – Top 12 Picks For You

Finding the best car amp for competition is no easy task among so many options on the market ranging from low-cost to high-end products. I did a lot of hands-on testing to learn the elements of design, audio experience, connectivity, and durability factors to find the best products.

In the end, I picked the top 12 products below, which have passed a lot of tests for a long time. Scroll down to learn more about each product!

Skar Audio SKv2-3500.1D Class D Monoblock AmplifierBOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car AmplifierSkar Audio RP-1200.1D Monoblock Class D MOSFET Amplifier
1600 watts rms100 watts rms1600 watts rms
35Hz – 250Hz3.1 pounds20Hz – 250Hz
21.26 x 9.15 x 2.45 inches7.8 x 9 x 2 inches16 x 6 x 2.5 inches

The Best Car Amp For Competition Reviews Of 2022

The best amp for cars below is the results of my testing. In each device, I have carefully considered the individual strengths of each to give you a better choice.

1. Skar RP-1200.1D Monoblock – Best for Overall

Skar RP-1200.1D Monoblock
Skar RP-1200.1D Monoblock

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 1600 watts rms
  • Frequency response capability: 20Hz – 250Hz
  • Size: 16 x 6 x 2.5 inches

Product highlights

SKar Audio is a leading audio brand, owning many exclusive products with the highest quality. The Skar Audio RP-120.1D Monoblock car audio amplifier is the epitome of the all-rounder, prioritized by this renowned manufacturer.

My first impression of this device is the design. Compared with the usual models, I found the simplicity of the product’s structure, and it is more flexible and easy to install than I thought.

Connecting to the car’s audio system only took me about 15 minutes for my operations. It’s a great thing I have never experienced in the products I used.

The MOSFET power supply in this version is 1600 watts, allowing deep bass to play your favorite music fully. Experimenting with quiet classical music, the Skar Audio RP-1200 is always stable and can capture the deepest bass notes.

This car amplifier also comes with smart remote dashboard subwoofer control. Thus, installing this model will help you be more proactive for your intended use.

  • Lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Good frequency response
  • Remarkable audio performance
  • The most comprehensive overall
  • Not great for treble

2. Skar Audio SKv2-3500.1D Monoblock – Best for Sound Quality

Skar Audio SKv2-3500.1D Monoblock
Skar Audio SKv2-3500.1D Monoblock

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 4700 watts rms
  • Frequency response capability: 35Hz – 250Hz
  • Size: 21.26 x 9.15 x 2.45 inches

Product highlights

Sound quality is always a top priority in audio car amplifier performance tests.

I used 6 famous music lines for the most objective assessment to test the device’s operability.

Fortunately, the Skar Audio SKv2-3500.1D could satisfy all of my usage requirements. It has quite an impressive performance with top-notch bass recording techniques. Every detail in deep classical music is expressed in detail and clarity with the smoothest, most engaging quality.

What surprised me more about this car amplifier was its midrange and treble response. It is relatively robust for expressing gentle, melodious lyrical music.

Overall, there aren’t any bad points for the audio performance of these best amplifiers for cars.

The MOSFET power supply used in this model is relatively high up to 4700 watts x 1, which is essential for better sound processing on large systems. And does wattage affect uptime?

The answer is yes. The larger the capacity, the more durable the load, and the equipment can work continuously for a long time.

I appreciate the design of this model. The advanced heat sink design allows for maximum cooling to keep the car amplifier operating safely for a long time. Thanks to that, the device will not heat up like conventional products.

  • Flexible
  • Excellent bass
  • Perfect sound quality
  • Smart heat sink design
  • Powerful capacity
  • Expensive

3. Rockville dB45 – Best for Sustainability

Rockville dB45
Rockville dB45

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 3200 watts rms
  • Frequency response capability: 10Hz – 50KHz
  • Size: 3 x 3 x 3 inches

Product highlights

Most users today do not care much about the amplifier’s durability, so they have to replace a new set after a short time.

That will add to your costs and cause waste. To solve this problem, I recommend the Rockville dB45 product. This version comes with premium materials with a high-temperature resistance to extend product life considerably.

The Rockville dB45 will surprise you with its fast connectivity using state-of-the-art connection technology.

Simply plug in the wire, and you can successfully set up your car amplifier very quickly. I am highly interested in this advantage because it gives me more time for the experience than installation with a variable low pass filter.

With this audio car amplifier, the ability to balance the bass is the most noticeable feature. In particular, it helps to limit the common distortion or broken sound so you can enjoy the music to the fullest.

In more than 6 hours of experience, I did not notice any abnormalities in the product’s sound. Everything was great until I stopped playing.

And the Rockville dB45 is also excellent, with four channels to meet the needs of extensive sound processing on more aggressive cars.

  • Good price
  • Easy to install
  • High sustainability
  • Perfect bass balance
  • Limit distortion or broken sound
  • The controls are not responsive

4. BOSS Audio Systems AR3000D – Best for Extended Warranty

BOSS Audio Systems AR3000D
BOSS Audio Systems AR3000D

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 3000 watts rms
  • Item Weight: 6.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎12.31 x 6.5 x 2.8 inches

Product highlights

To manage an audio amplifier’s operation, paying attention to the product warranty is essential. It not only determines your work efficiency but also directly affects your finances.

As a sound quality enthusiast, I understand and understand this very well. And that’s why I recommend the BOSS Audio Systems AR3000D Class D.

This version offers a warranty period of up to 6 years, so you can have peace of mind to own and operate the best equipment.

I prioritize products that can create authentic audio experiences instead of simply flashy through external numbers.

And the BOSS Audio Systems AR3000D is the best example of this feature. In-depth assessment of audio performance, it is difficult for any model to beat it because the rms power output that comes from the capacity is immense.

It can quickly enhance the admirable bass quality. Tested right on the most challenging subwoofer tracks, I was shocked by this speaker’s performance. Everything is incredible, and the sound is also accurate to every detail.

However, this version isn’t really for mids. Many mid notes are missed in each track, making the song worthless.

  • Real sound
  • Phase control
  • Remarkable warranty
  • Subwoofer level control
  • Switchable input sensitivity
  • Poor mid-range quality

5. Planet Audio TR5000.1D Class D – Best for Easy Install

Planet Audio TR5000.1D Class D
Planet Audio TR5000.1D Class D

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 5000 watts rms
  • Weight: 13.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 9.5 x 2.13 inches

Product highlights

Planet Audio is a powerful yet affordable solution for all your subwoofer car amplifier requirements. With a user-friendly design and detailed instructions, Planet Audio has helped solve all users’ worries about the installation process.

In the first approach, it only took me about 10 minutes to successfully connect this device, even as a newbie. The advantage of this version is diversity, coming from many different component details like variable low pass filters.

The most typical is the device’s excellent bass improvement ability. Unlike in-class amplifiers, Planet Audio is always ready to bring the bass to the most stable and easy-to-hear level.

The sound results are astonishing, using the quietest music to test this feature. It is light, smooth, and soft for the ultimate enjoyment.

However, I am pretty disappointed that this version cannot last as long as advertised, and after just over 1 year, it has started to have more problems.

  • Easy installation
  • Impressive lighting logo
  • Remarkable bass enhancement
  • No sound when adjusting with high volume
  • Unstable

6. BOSS Audio Systems R1004 – Best for Budget

BOSS Audio Systems R1004
BOSS Audio Systems R1004

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 100 watts rms
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 9 x 2 inches

Product highlights

Want to own an audio amplifier on a tight budget? BOSS Audio Systems R1004 is the best cheap option for you. So what do we get from this affordable version?

Super bass performance is the first advantage you can get from the device. It will be a good enough replacement for most existing competition car amplifiers in your car.

For complete sound quality, I recommend using a loudspeaker with a rated rms power output of no more than 50. If you click on a more significant number, your sound can be distorted in a jarring way.

For most people who are new to the car amplifier for the first time, there is often a worry about the installation process. But with this R1004 version, all your problems will be solved. It will only take us about 10 minutes to connect the product to an existing speaker to provide true-to-life sound.

However, this version has quite a few design flaws. When unboxing, I struggled with its start button, which took quite a while to get used to.

  • Best cheap amplifier car
  • Powerful car audio performance
  • It can be installed on a golf cart
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Lasting
  • Need to improve the design

7. BOSS Audio Systems R1100M – Best for Bass Sound

BOSS Audio Systems R1100M
BOSS Audio Systems R1100M

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 1100 watts x 1
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.13 x 10.44 x 2.25 inches

Product highlights

I bought this amplifier to connect to my car’s audio system, and it’s great that it can provide the perfect subwoofer space. I think music through the device is relatively straightforward, detailed, and comfortable with all different types of music. The voice that comes from it is not grumpy but gentle, flexible, and soft.

I got the same results when I tried other modern music like rock or EDM. Although appreciated mainly for its bass support, this product’s mid-range and stereo frequencies are also complete.

The next advantage of this version is its complete connector and detailed instructions. Thanks to this help, I easily installed and quickly adjusted the sound for the music space inside the car.

What I like most about this amplifier is its ability to handle noise. Quiet, gentle, and pleasant operations are the most objective terms for evaluating the product’s sound.

  • Special design
  • Quick install
  • Super awesome bass
  • Best bass car amplifier
  • Intelligent noise handling
  • No clicking or cracking sound
  • Poor remote control

8. Rockville dB15 – Best for Compatibility

Rockville dB15
Rockville dB15

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 1600 watts x 1
  • Frequency response capability: 15Hz – 250Hz
  • Size: 3 x 3 x 3 inches

Product highlights

Rockville is known for its top-notch audio products, which can deliver admirable bass quality. And the Rockville dB15 is a prime example.

This amplifier is to best adapt to a wide range of car speakers. I find it can do well in its car audio support role on even the oldest Jeeps.

I’ve used quite a few devices, but the best impression of bass stability is still Rockville dB15.

The sound quality it brings is hard to find in other products. Crisp, clear, and noise-free sound is the great advantage of this cutting-edge car audio amplifier.

I selected sorrowful songs for her to test on bass reproduction. And great, what I heard was perfect! Besides, water resistance is a strength I accidentally discovered in this version.

My naughty son often spills water on the car, but after so many times, this product still works very well.

On the downside, its price is still relatively high in the same segment, and not everyone has enough budget to handle it from authorized rockford fosgate resellers. Compared to the superior features above, it is worth your investment.

  • Lasting
  • No noise
  • Excellent sound
  • Good compatibility
  • Effective water resistance
  • Expensive

9. BOSS Audio Systems R1600M – Best for Temperature Regulation

BOSS Audio Systems R1600M
BOSS Audio Systems R1600M

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 1600 watts x 1
  • Weight: 6.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.34 x 10.44 x 2.25 inches

Product highlights

What to do if the car audio amplifier overheats? Turning off all equipment is the first thing you need to do to avoid a fire.

This situation often occurs with poor quality equipment with a low speaker peak power load. In this regard, I recommend the Boss MODEL R1600M, which always works excellent and maintains perfect sound for a long time.

This variable bass boost has an intelligent temperature control sensor that never gets too hot to compromise system safety. Despite continuous use for many hours, I did not notice any abnormality in its remote subwoofer level control.

R1600M has excellent sound and super effective bass support. It enhances the bass’s quality and clarifies the most difficult to express details.

Notably, this best-competition car amplifier can easily manually adjust the frequency to enhance the ideal mosfet power supply.

This exclusive feature is to improve compatibility with many different devices. In the end, you will get the perfect music player.

  • Silent cooling fan
  • Unique texture
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Ability to adjust the temperature
  • Easy frequency and power adjustment
  • Mounting screws are not included

10. Taramps TS400x4 – Best for Volume Control

Taramps TS400x4
Taramps TS400X4

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 400 watts x 1
  • Frequency response capability: 18Hz – 30KHz
  • Size: 6 x 6 x 3 inches

Product highlights

The volume control of the Taramps TS 400×4 is more noticeable. It allows quickly returning to a stable volume level for superior musical performance.

This car audio amplifier works typically without distortion when adjusting the volume to the highest level. With deep classical music, this device also enhances the warm tone of the music to help users have a complete experience.

I used 4 6.5-inch speakers connected to this amplifier, and I am proud of its performance. The sound is super sharp and clear, enough to help me get more excited for each trip.

The size of the other product fits many different car systems. Installing it is also relatively easy, taking only about 10 minutes for the whole process.

One of the most reprehensible points from the manufacturer is its packaging style. I consider it too sketchy for an electronic product like an amplifier.

  • Standard size
  • Quick installation
  • Practical capacity
  • Superior sound
  • Good volume control
  • Careless packaging

11. BOSS Audio Systems R3400D Class D – Best for Energy Saving

BOSS Audio Systems R3400D Class D
BOSS Audio Systems R3400D Class D

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 3400 watts x 1
  • Weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 10.44 x 2.25 inches

Product highlights

The energy for operating a car audio system is immense. Using power-wasting devices will seriously affect the overall operation of the car.

Boss R3400D is a perfect suggestion to save power output consumption and best support music listening efficiency in long-distance cars.

The R3400D comes with complete construction and more specialized features for sound tuning than lower-end versions.

It can assist in improving the bass on a variety of car audio systems. The final result I got after 7 days of research is pure and clear sound. Every detail of the music is played out in full. I did not feel distortion at high tones like in conventional sets.

For such a low price, such a finished product is a great bargain for me. It is practical with its features and easy for users to access.

The heat dissipation of this product is not good. Even though I only operated it for 15 minutes, I could already feel the heat from them.

And you will almost be unable to extend the use time to more than an hour because of this variable bass boost weakness.

  • Reasonable price
  • Complete texture
  • Standalone installation
  • Good energy-saving ability
  • The best car amplifier for bass
  • Poor heat dissipation

12. BOSS Audio Systems AR1600 – Best for Remote Control

BOSS Audio Systems AR1600
BOSS Audio Systems AR1600

Important Specifications

  • Wattage: 800 watts x 1
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.13 x 6.5 x 2.6 inches

Product highlights

Poor handling can be a leading factor in a bad car amplifier. Therefore, to limit this situation, you should own a device that can remotely control sensitively and accurately. Boss AR1600 is a perfect example of your usage requirements.

The product has a unique design with a quick and convenient remote control function. Through the amplifier, each track becomes more harmonious and soft. Particularly with today’s music, the strong and fierce is what you get from this masterpiece.

Confusion in installation and operation is inevitable for a beginner to learn about amplifiers. But this product has cleared all my worries.

It will only take you 5 minutes to connect your car audio system to this device.

It’s a pity that this device cannot adjust the noise level. This weakness is more evident at high volume, which is quite annoying in the long run.

  • Flexible
  • Superior sound
  • Simple operation
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Smart remote control
  • High noise level

Buying Guides

The best car amps can improve your car’s audio performance in a variety of ways. It allows playing music clearer to make wonderful experiences.

How to choose a car amplifier? Here are some important factors to keep in mind for you.

Power Output

Most users today do not care about the amplifier’s power but only pay attention to the interface and the actual sound results. This costs them the money they spent without getting the quality they wanted.

To ensure safe audio system operation, you must check the input mosfet power supply. The car amplifier can overheat and explode dangerously if it is not compatible with the speaker power.


Does the number of channels in the amplifier matter? Yes, they dictate compatibility with your audio system.

Car amplifiers are usually the most common, with 2 and 4 channels. To check the number of channels accurately and quickly, you should ask the consultant who sold the product to you directly.

So, 2 vs 4 channel amp, which is more efficient? The 4-channel amplifier is ideal for larger vehicles with outstanding sound.

System Compatibility

The compatibility of the amplifier with the speakers is an essential factor in determining the quality of the resulting sound. It is possible to evaluate the product’s suitability with your car through capacity or specifications.

If you use a poor-quality amplifier with a negligible MOSFET power supply, your system will have problems or possibly burn out.

Direct Connectivity

The efficiency gains from a direct-connected amplifier are immeasurable, helping to maximize the quality of your car’s sound.

It also eliminates the complicated physical wiring of conventional products. Direct-connect technology allows your audio amplifier to communicate easily with your vehicle’s system for seamless playback of your favorite tracks.

Final Thoughts

Check out the best car amplifiers for competition above, and you can easily find the best device for your car.

Each product will come with its advantages. The Skar Audio RP-120.1D and the BOSS Audio Systems R1004 are the two I appreciate the most in this checklist because of their durability and excellent bass quality.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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I have received a lot of questions from users about the features and operation of the car audio amplifier. Here are some detailed answers you can follow to understand this device better.

Can a mono amp power 2 subs?

The answer is yes. It can connect two subwoofers simultaneously to deliver the best and most comprehensive sound quality. In actual testing, I was shocked by its performance. The sound I get is detailed, clear, and super smooth.

Do I need an amp for my car subwoofer?

When adjusted to the highest volume, the subwoofer can produce decent sound without distortion or cracking. Without the amp’s support, these speakers wouldn’t be able to make a louder sound.

The best amplifier for car subwoofers will surprise you with the performance of your favorite music, which is highly realistic.

Check out my collection if you haven’t found any of the best amps for cars. They come complete with all the features you need to enhance your car audio further.

How to pick amps for subs?

Most powerful car amplifiers have many unique features that make your entertainment experience more memorable. First, consider your intended use to find the best amp for car speakers. Once you have established the essential criteria, continue to follow my instructions above to pick a perfect version.

How to size an amp for a subwoofer?

Checking the specs on your device is the fastest way to know the exact size of your car subwoofer amplifier. The lower the measurement, the larger the conductor diameter and capacity are.