Biren Lazen

Biren Lazen

Hi! This is Biren Lazen, the automotive tech specialist of My Car Gears.

Automotive technology expert Biren Lazen has eleven years of experience in the field. with ten years of experience setting up, developing, and repairing automotive technology. He has made a living out of writing this blog; it is not just a hobby for him.


  • My Car Gears writer of any automotive.
  • 10 years of experience fixing, establishing, and expanding car technology systems.
  • Biren Lazen collaborated with a certain automaker.
  • Biren Lazen attended every international exhibition on innovative automotive intelligent driving technology.


He has seven years to study automotive technology systems and three years to get knowledge in the expanding social media industry. He led a group of automakers to every international vehicle intelligent driving technology exhibition.


Biren Lazen graduated from Southern Adventist University in the United States with a bachelor’s degree in 1987. He was also awarded the Digital Marketing Pro DMI and the Digital Marketing Specialization Coursera Certificate.